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Delivering engaging industry-led projects that benefit organisations, customers, & young people.


Encouraging young people of all abilities to support each other in unlocking their talents.


Increasing employment & learning opportunities alongside employers & education partners.


Nurturing technical, creative & interpersonal skills through employer & Higher Education encounters.


SkillBase Programme

Tech Lab and Enterprise Academy projects in our SkillBase programme aim to give young people creative licence to discover, develop, and celebrate new technical and interpersonal skills gained from working on real-world business tasks.

Gatsby benchmarks are part of our quality monitoring and to ensure we are as relevant as we possibly can be.

As the final phase of our SkillBase programme, our Apprentice Fast Track helps students to build on their connections with educational, business, and careers mentors to open up exciting new employment opportunities.

It provides students with a record of achievement and learning to support them for their futures. 

Check out out ‘What We Do Section for more details.

Day 3 - Winners with certificates

As young people progress on Cloudy Foundation projects and with our work experience encounters, their employment skills improve and they open up greater opportunities for work placements and apprenticeships.

Day 1 at BUTC -Project Management intro

The Need for Our Skillbase Programme

  • The UK’s current digital skills shortage means that, post Covid-19, young people are facing the greatest youth employment challenge on record.

  • Unfortunately, most schools just don’t have the capacity to teach the tech skills needed for the future workplace, which means that young people don’t have an equal playing field, and often don’t even know where to start.

  • According to Learning & Work Institute research, 70% of young people expect employers to invest in teaching them digital skills on the job but only half of the employers surveyed were able to provide that training.

Our SkillBase Programme offers work experience and apprenticeship placements that deliver for young people, schools/colleges, and employers.
Our SkillBase Programme

Our Three-Project Programme

Tech Lab - our own exciting version of "dragons den!"

Conducted as a 4-5 day  in-person work experience and at business and partner premises,  our Tech Labs are sponsored by a local organisation tasking the students to find a digital solution to a real business problem they have.

Supported by educational and industry experts, students are briefed by the sponsor on the project and introduced to the business, media, and tech skills they need to develop a proof-of-concept application as a team.

Competing against their peers to present their project and win over the project stakeholders, the winning team is publicly awarded the project commission for real-world development and use. 

Participants are invited to graduate into the Enterprise Academy and to join the Apprentice Fast Track.

Expect a bit of real world pressure - and a lot of fun! 

All Tech Lab students are welcome to take part in an online Enterprise Academy Project and to join our exciting SkillBase Community.

Enterprise Academy

The Cloudy Foundation runs our SkillBase Programme as a Community Hub for young people of all abilities.

The Enterprise Academy is the online expression of that Community and welcomes young people between 14-22yrs to share skills and tech resources and enjoy helping each other to achieve. That’s supported by alumni peers, business mentors and innovators”

Young People have particular challenges and also opportunities today. Covid and interrupted education as well as economic pressures have made things challenging. However, this is exactly the time to invest personally and across our communities so as to embrace the opportunities that new tech and better tech can bring. We aim to help to equip the workforce of tomorrow, and the day after that!

If we are going to compete in the global economy and support our young people to be the best they can be – and keep this country at the forefront of digital innovation – we need to do more. Acting as a community and digital catalyst we bring together business education and opportunity, Students, volunteers and partners share that journey together.

Participants are invited to return to continue learning and work on new projects. As they develop, students are encouraged to join Cloudy Foundation as volunteers and Youth Ambassadors to help more young people achieve their digital potential, and are given opportunities to join the Apprentice Fast Track.

What to expect...

Two 1 hr sessions per week for 7-8 weeks.

Apprentice Fast Track

Our Apprentice Fast Track is the final step in our Skillbase programme, where our young people are supported to take the knowledge, skills, and connections they have developed on a Tech Lab and/or an Enterprise Academy project to apply to the workplace.

Next, our Apprentice Fast Track (AFT) provides a final key step in our SkillBase Programme. Its here that we especially support young people to take their new skills,  personal development, and connections, and apply them towards employment

Through our relationships with QA and other Apprenticeship programmes and with our key corporate partners, including Cloudy IT, we give students access to apprenticeships that will fast-track them to future employment. That’s in tech industries and also in other areas.